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Study Notes

1. Thomas Wallgren: A Note for the Dialogues

2. Vijay Pratap: Sustainable Cultures: Some Thoughts

Dialogue Reports

Tampere Dialogue I Metso 16 May 2008 Report

Tampere Dialogue II Finnish Social Forum 17 May 2008 Report

Delhi Dilaogue 4 June 2008 Report

Nairobi Dilaogues 6-7 August 2008 Report

Tanzania Dilaogues 10, 11 and 13 August 2008 Report

Helsinki Dialogue 15-16 September 2008 Report

Malmö Dialogue 19 September 2008 Report

Kathmandu dialogue 16-17 October 2008 Report

Delhi Dialogue II 1 November 2008 Report

Background papers

1. Wahu Kaara: Visions of Alternative Lifeworlds

2. Kiama Kaara: Ecological Counterplanning for Sustainable Futures in the Age of Neo-Liberal Globalization

3. Awari Achoka: The Uhai Model: the Search for a Tool to Negotiate with Nature

4. Petra Bakewell-Stone: Tanzania Background Paper

5. Martin Mhando: Civil Society and Indigenous Knowledge

6. Marie Shaba: Sustainable Cultures

7. Ville-Veikko Hirvelä: Finding Sources to Live Sustainably - How to Live without our Modern debt of Significance and Energy?

8. Olli Tammilehto: History and Politics of Overconsumption

9. Kaarina Kailo: Sustainable Cultures of Life and Gift Circulation - a New Model for the Green/Postcolonial Restructuring of Europe?

10. Rakesh Bhatt: Bishnois: The Ecological Stewards

11. Sebastian Rodrigues: Tadi Par as Development Metaphor: Experiences from Goa

12. Asha Kachru: Sustainable Cultures/Societies: Feminist's Interventions rds

13. Mamata Dash: Conspiracy by the State: Destruction of Culture and Livelihoods in Orissa

14. Sushovan Dhar: Free Time and Profits

15. Olli Tammilehto: A Short History of Unsustainability

16. Ulla Valovesi: The Tradition of Sacred Groves in Mari El

17. Savyasaachi: Radical Insistence, Resistance and Resilience - The Political Economy of Words

18. Bhuwan Pathak: Peoples ' Action and Dialogue on Climate Change and Sustainable Livelihood in Central Himalayas

19. Ajay Mahajan: Sustainable Livelihoods and Lifestyles in Uttarakhand & Associated Movements

20. Ville-Veikko Hirvelä: Building Indigenous Life on Earth

21. Vagish K. Jha: Self Sustainability vs Self Destruction: A Case of Self Reliant Irrigation Practice in Gaya, India

22. Arun Kumar Panibaba: Learning from India's Thar

23. Uddhab Pyakurel: The Vision of the Jana Andolan II for a Future of Nepal

Other documents

Hilkka Pietila: Sustainable Economics

Lasse Nordlund: The Foundations of Our Life

Risto Isomäki: A Tiny Book on Climate

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